Electronic Restoration


What is Considered an Electronic?

CRDN is a leading provider in electronic testing and restoration. We help adjusters and policyholders determine what items can be restored, and what needs to be replaced, by testing for their full functionality. Our testing process helps us determine if electronic items were damaged by the loss, or if there was previous damage. CRDN is equipped to handle claims of all sizes and complexities. We respond to claims in a variety of industries including residential, office, commercial, and industrial. As long as electronics are fully functional, we can restore them to pre-loss condition.

We Can Restore

  • Mobile devices
  • Computers
  • Video game consoles
  • Televisions
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Power tools
  • Video and music discs
  • Speakers
  • Lamps
  • Remote controls
  • Printers
  • Electronic instruments (keyboards, guitars, etc.)
  • Security systems

    And much more!
    We even recover digital data stored on hard drives, jump drives, and data discs.

Portable Testing Cart

Our portable testing cart is a unique piece to our electronic restoration process. The cart allows us to test a large majority of devices, which can significantly speed up the claims process and reduce restoration costs. With our testing cart, we can immediately determine which items were damaged prior to a loss, helping insurance companies reduce loss liability. This is an advantage that makes our service more accurate and effective.

Our Three Step Process

1. Test

We use our electronic testing cart to confirm which items are fully functional.

Once an item is plugged into the device, we put it to the test. If it's a computer, we will turn it on and test all ports and buttons to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Once we've completed our assessment, we will share it with the policyholder and adjuster to decide how to proceed.

2. Restore

Contaminated items are transported to our facilities for cleaning and additional testing.

We thoroughly clean and deodorize all electronic surfaces and will disassemble devices to clean the inside if necessary. 

3. Test

Once the items have been decontaminated, we put them to the test a second time.

Our goal is to return every item in better condition than when we found it. That's why we personally retest electronics to ensure they are still working properly.

All our testing is documented for the convenience of the insurance adjuster and policyholder.

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